Live Streaming On YouTube

A Beginners Guide To Live Streaming On YouTube

Live streaming is broadcasting real-time pre-recorded videos on a live streaming platform. One of the most popular live-streaming platforms is YouTube, a real game changer in the world of broadcasting. Moreover, more than 70% of consumers would rather show high engagement in a live video than an article. 

Promoting a brand (brand of clothes or a new great casino with a big bamboo free play game) or holding a real-time press conference on YouTube can be a great way to reach out to your audience, address the concerns of your viewers or stand out from other content creators and marketers.

Live Streaming On YouTube

Since live streaming on YouTube can be a bit complex for novices, get help on our article. We will give you our top four tips to livestream on YouTube and improve engagement.

Ensure That You Have The Right Equipment For Live Streaming On YouTube

To start live streaming on YouTube you will need only a few things: a camera, an internal or external microphone, audio equipment, a computer for uploading, lighting, and a verified YouTube Channel. A good-quality PTZ camera is essential for streaming high-quality content in 720p or 1080p video quality.

An external microphone has clear benefits over the internal microphone on a PC or smartphone. Audio equipment (encoder) is needed if you want to live stream your PC screen or live-stream pre-recorded videos. To start live streaming on YouTube, you will first need to verify your channel: select your country and confirm your phone number with a verification code.

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Enable The Live Stream On YouTube

The very first thing to do is to check if your channel has any live streaming restrictions (during the past 90 days). Before launching a stream, ensure that your video content doesn’t violate the YouTube Community guidelines. To enable the live stream, you need to click “Create” on the top right corner of the screen on the channel features page. Then select “Go Live” right now or later. 

Edit the information about your live stream and check if all the stream settings are right. Activating the live stream option on YouTube for the first time may take up to 24 (potentially less) hours. So, it is better to follow this step 1-2 days before the planned stream date. When you get ready with all the settings and equipment, select “Go Live”. 

Start Your YouTube Live Stream From The Web Browser Or Mobile Browser

You can start your first YouTube live stream through a web browser, mobile device, hardware or software encoder. There are no big differences between web browser and mobile live streaming but mobile live streaming is allowed only for YouTube channels with at least 50 subscribers. 

For mobile live streaming, download the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device, and then go to the plus icon in the bottom menu and “Go live.” To schedule your live stream at a later time, select “More options”. Web streaming through web browsers and mobile browsers are two common ways to broadcast videos. Live streaming with a software or hardware encoder lets you access extra features.

Test The Stream

Especially if you have never streamed videos before, it is important to run a stream test before the date. Do the mic and camera work well? Is the lighting appropriate? Test the equipment and all the settings to be sure your live stream runs well and is easy to watch.

(Optional) Create A Trailer for a Live Stream

This step is optional but helpful to attract more viewers. Create a trailer for your upcoming live stream and add it to your stream. To do it, upload the trailer on the Premiere page. To encourage people to click on your live stream, also think of an attractive title for your stream.

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In recent years, live streaming on YouTube has evolved tremendously. To get started with your first YouTube live stream, follow the steps from this article. Dive into the world of live streaming! 

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