Get More Views On YouTube Live Stream

Tips On How To Get More Views On YouTube Live Stream

Social media including YouTube has already become an essential part of our daily life. It is possible not only to use YouTube for watching videos, but promote your brand or content with YouTube live streams and reach a broader target audience. And live streaming can even be a part of social media strategy.

Get More Views On YouTube Live Stream

But how to gain more viewers on the YouTube Live Stream? Continue reading this article to know more about it! 

Find Out What Your Audience Wants 

The content (live stream) has to have a connection and resonate with your audience. What do the viewers want from a live stream? Are they passionate about science, home improvement, celebrities, or online casino slot games like buffalo king slot? When is the best time to go live according to their interests and preferences?

Gather as much information about your audience as you can and try to make your live stream resonate with their needs. 

To determine the needs of your audience, discover the occupation, age, income, level of education, and time zones of your audience. What are the pain points of your audience according to their demographics? To learn more about your audience, you can also create your polls and surveys. Does your goal (entertaining, commercial, instructive) correspond to your audience’s expectations? 

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Schedule Your Stream At The Right Time To Maximize Your Viewership

Understanding the preferences of your audience is very important. It is also important to know the time zones and availability of your viewers. Try to schedule our live stream around the time your viewers have time to open YouTube and watch your stream. To find out the time zone of the majority of your viewers you can use the YouTube Analytics tool. 

Actively Promote Live Stream

You can schedule broadcasts 4-7 days ahead of the actual plan. A tool like Restream can help, as it can simply schedule your live broadcast, display it on your channel, or allow viewers to set a reminder. As a means of gathering potential customers and acquiring a virtual “headcount,” encourage people to pre-register for your broadcast.

This method is more likely to convince people to show up, rather than just planning to show up. 

You can send direct notifications to your viewers or use a countdown before you go live. Consider promoting your content on your blog, other social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.), or on online communities like Reddit or Discord. A TikTok video or Instagram story can attract more viewers to your YouTube channel. 

Use Live Stream SEO Techniques

To gain more viewers use live stream search engine optimized techniques. SEO can increase the quality of the web traffic. Use SEO techniques and create SEO-oriented titles, descriptions, and tags. You need to replicate exactly what viewers can expect when choosing a title. Make a list of 10 ideas and then choose your five favorites.

Then make a list of your favorite words or phrases and choose the one compelling title you like the most. 

The title and description should be detailed and include niche-specific keywords and phrases relevant to your stream. The description of each video should include a word content summary of 200-500 words. You can run some tests to see which phrase gets the most viewer clicks. Consider running these tests for a portion of your mailing list.

Keep in mind that the user will see only about the first 50-60 characters of your title will appear in the search results. Therefore, the first part of the title has to be compelling and captivate the viewers. 

Collaborate With Other Influencers And Industry Experts

Collaboration with other content creators is a great way to increase viewership. You can live stream with other content creators or ask them to promote your live stream or your YouTube channel. Cross-promotion helps you gain more viewers and help other content makers succeed.

Create Teaser Videos

To drive more viewers to your content, create a teaser video. It can be a short snippet video, short clip, or Tweet relevant to your upcoming live stream. And don’t forget to share your teaser video on your YouTube channel or across other social platforms you use. 

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Social media plays a massive role in our daily lives, and live streaming is a helpful tool to connect with your audience. Viewers’ engagement is very important for a live steamer. All live streamers wish to keep their viewers hooked from start to finish. Expanding your audience is essential for online presence.

Look for opportunities to improve your live stream and connect to more people!

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